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Changzhou Chien Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd(CHANGZHOU JORDAN INT'L TRADING CO. LTD) is a scientific andtechnological enterprise which is specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, sales ofwarp knitting machines and artificial lawn weaving machine. The main machinesinclude: Mesh bag warp knitting machine, Dust proof net warp knitting machine,Sunshade net warp knitting machine, Safety net warp knitting machine, Protectivenet warp knitting machine, Anti-bird net warp knitting machine, Rope net ...

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  • 30 years of experience developing and manufacturing
  • 201--300 talent
  • It covers an area of 10,0000 square feet
  • Annual production value of more than $ 100 million
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Address :8 Zhengqian Road, Lijia Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Tel :0086-0519-83688656

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