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About us

Changzhou Chien Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd(CHANGZHOU JORDAN INT'L TRADING CO. LTD) is a scientific andtechnological enterprise which is specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, sales ofwarp knitting machines and artificial lawn weaving machine. The main machinesinclude: Mesh bag warp knitting machine, Dust proof net warp knitting machine,Sunshade net warp knitting machine, Safety net warp knitting machine, Protectivenet warp knitting machine, Anti-bird net warp knitting machine, Rope net warpknitting machine, Aluminum net warp knitting machine, Horizontal weavingmachine, Lawn weaving machine and ect.. Our machines are sold to mostprovinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the country and are exportedto foreign countries also

Our company has always adhered to the management principle of talent -orientedhonesty and gathered the experts of the industry since its establishment. GeneralManager He Aibing has 20 years of experience in manufacturing, debugging andmaintenance of warp knitting machines. Based on his own experience, hecombines advanced manufacturing technology and management methods at homeand abroad to provide enterprises with comprehensive solutions and helpenterprises improve their management level and production capacity, it canenables factory to remain competitive in the fierce market competition and realizethe rapid and stable development of the enterprise.

We regards technological innovation as the driving force for enterprisedevelopment, our factory makes remarkable achievements in the cooperation withresearch institutes and institutions of higher education. At present, our companhas applied for more than 10 patents in the year, we have two trademarks: Huchiand“ Chien”

Our company is committed to creating a professional after-sales service team,providing customers with patience and thoughtful service, and won the praise ofdomestic and foreign customers. After 20 years of ups and downs, nearly 100employees are dedicated and willing to accompany the company to grow andprogress together to create a warp knitting machine with higher cost performanceratio Compared with domestic competitive warp knitting machines, our machinesare not only durable, but also produce net with smooth surface, the net design isalways popular and fashional, which can help you save raw materials, reduceproduction costs and improve the market competitiveness

We are not only the manufacturer of warp knitting machines, but also thesolution solver for warp knitting machines.
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